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Continuous Motion Servo Rotary High Speed Shrink Wrapper


•Patented rotary cross seal motion for smooth high speed performance.

•Four Servo motors for high speed accuracy and repeatability.

•The feeding product detected by sensor to prevent running empty bags.

•Patented rotary cross seal motion for smooth high speed performance.

•Four Servo motors for high speed accuracy and repeatability.

•GS350 Continuous Motion Servo Rotary Wrapper with the function of automatic film feeding punching, coating, sealing cutting, waste film automatically rolling in one time which is widely used in mass production packaging line. Can be connected with production line.

•The sealing part is consist of transverse sealing and side sealing, both can be lifting controlled independently. We can guarantee sealing line in the middle of the product to achieve perfect sealing effect.

•The transverse sealing part is controlled by servo motor. Film cutting is uniform strength, sealing stable and fast.

•Manual adjustment film-guide system and feeding conveyor platform make the machine suitable for different width and height items.

•Side sealing part can continuous pull film sealing and cutting.

•According to the preset formula of the product, it can be quickly retrieved in the touch screen, which reduces the product replacement time and makes the operation easier.

•Waste film automatically rolling. Using independent motor control, rolling speed uniform and smooth will not too tight or too loose which can avoid break the waste film and the rewinding plate is easy disassembly.

•Using digital temperature controller which built-in PID function. Sealing blade temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate which can be set arbitrarily.

•Adopt Panasonic PLC programmable controller and WEINVIEW 7-inch man machine interface, simple operation.

•The sealing blade itself is also quipped with automatic protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting.

•Automatic mode and manual mode can be switched at any time which convenient to replace the shrink film.

•Applies to photo frame, picture frame, flooring, aluminum profile, wood products and other products packaging.

•BS5030LW heat shrink tunnel adopts advanced hot air circulation technology. The wind orientation can be adjusted so that the hot air in the tunnel is even, constant temperature.

•The machine uses stainless steel finned heating tube which has a long service life and high heating efficiency. 

•Chain bar conveying , using solid steel covered with durable imported silicone tube, each bar can rotate freely.

•Use of imported motor and inverter control the transmission speed which achieved step less speed regulating.

•Independent outer-hanging distribution box design to ensure the electrical components with good ventilation.

•Suitable for POF, PVC, PP, PET heat shrinkable film.

Power SupplyAC 220/380V 3PH 50/60Hz
Max. Packing Size(L)100-380mm;(W)50-350mm;(H)10-150mm
Sealing Size(W)500mm
Table Height800mm
Packing Speed60-100pcs/min(Decide on product size)
Air Source6kgf/cm2
Shrink FilmCenter folded POF shrink film
Film Size(W)≤580mm;(D)≤250mm;(G)≤35KG
Sealing TypeFull closed
Machine Size(L)2700×(W)1550×(H)1320mm
Feeding Device Size(L)2600×(W)680-960mm adjustable×(H)800mm
G./N. WeightSealer:830/750KG,Feeding device:140/100KG

Power SupplyAC 220/380V 3PH 50/60 Hz
Table Height800mm
Conveying Load30KG
Conveyor Speed1-20m/min
Tunnel SizeL2500×W500×H300mm
Machine SizeL2800×W1020×H1260mm
Package SizeL2900×W1150×H1450mm
G./N. Weight580/480Kg